Bridge the Gap between Medical Facilities and Life

While being cared for at a medical facility, we are in a high touch, high-tech, high information, hierarchical environment.  On our return to our lives we find that we’re now alone.  The umbilical cord has been cut. Disparate well meaning care providers may not have the knowledge they need to help me – to work with my specific condition, and within my friends and family support network.  The intensity of biometric monitoring is gone.  In an instant I have traveled from one extreme environment to another.


Health care organizations around the world are experimenting with ways to continue care support after discharge and in between the many episodic facility visits that characterize our health care.

In support of pilots of Dutch-based best practices Ingen-Housz manages a dynamic portfolio of breakthrough and common technologies from which your specific personalized, integrated, care solution is chosen.  One size will not fit all.  Duplication of a high tech medical facility is not the goal – but leveraging the appropriate technology in a transparent as possible approach to fill in and communicate the most critical areas of information is.


What happens with this knowledge is under my control.  My medical condition, temperament, tech saviness, and social network are all brought together in a personalized solution to make my health-life less of a voyage in darkness and more connected to my support network – what and whoever that may be.

The goal is to reduce my anxiety, speed recovery or ease the difficulties of chronic illness to extend the opportunity to live my life independently, longer.

In the future, my care network and technology will reduce:  the chance of readmission, trips to the emergency room, and the lack of control over my care – and with expanding data and analytics will begin to provide advanced warnings of issues to be addressed – before they create a need for an urgent response.