The Best of Dutch Healthcare Integrated with Breakthrough US Technology

In our current pilot phase we are experimenting with the proven, integrated community and medical practices the Netherlands developed after the implementation of healthcare reform in 2006.  We collaborate with principals of the multi-stakeholder Dutch health network, now acknowledged as leaders in providing efficient and effective healthcare, and work with US partners to extend these solutions and outcomes to the US environment. 

The partners we work with innovate faster and bring successful solutions to scale that transform the healthcare industry and empower the people it’s meant to serve.

We do leverage the dynamic environment of breakthrough technologies, that are on an accelerating continuum of new devices, infrastructure, software and analytics, but…

Our difference is that our pilots prove concepts in  innovative, integrated care outcomes that are supported and enhanced by proven and emerging technologies, rather that proving technologies in a health care context.  This integrated care driven approach eliminates the current distraction of enduring multiple exciting, but silo solutions currently emerging from the exponentially advancing technology world. 

Our guiding principles can be summarized by our mission to provide multi-stakeholder care integration, increased self-managed control, community care and integrated breakthrough technologies to finally attain the goal of better care at a lower cost.


If you are a hospital, insurer, government agency or any member of the US healthcare market, or a technology firm looking to be part of an integrated, personalized transformation of healthcare – we invite you to contact us to explore our pilot opportunities.