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June 2013

Know yourself – for $5,000, or not

As genome sequencing costs continue to drop – $5,000 for complete, $99 at 23andMe for a more limited set, question of knowledge, rights to knowledge, and use abound.  In the Science Friday podcast link below, starting at 13.46 min. a discussion begins about the accuracy of sequencing itself, and some of decisions we are beginning to face, and will face in the future.

What happened when I had my genome sequenced

Science Friday: Whole genome scans could reveal too much


May 2013

Continuing struggles with EMR – A Microsoft View

Microsoft believes their approach that includes consumers (patients) and the links to enterprises, gives them the opportunity to succeed where Google Health (abandoned in 2011) failed to get beyond a few in the narrow fitness, tech savvy market.  The real question is – as the big firms maneuver with fits and starts in the market, how quickly can the start-up community (and who?!) create the killer app? 

The Next Web

FDA approves new smartphone device connectivity

Devices that directly or wirelessly connect to smartphones approved for sale by the FDA.  This batch includes glucose, blood pressure, ECGs, and O2 saturation. 

Mobile Health