Business cases

The client Haaglanden, a region in The Netherlands with more than 800,000 inhabitants and 500 different care providers – including GPs, pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, mental health associations, home care and nursing desired to improve regional healthcare services through the transparent and uniform exchange of electronic medical data. Thijs Boekhoff and his team facilitated a successful multi-stakeholder regional partnership, creating the first standardized Regional Electronic Health Record (EHR) and a subsequent joint investment in the supporting technology and infrastructure.  The result was a successful regionally based exchange for EHR among 500, and growing, different care providers.

The Academic Dental Centre Amsterdam (ACTA) provides education, research and care.  ACTA transferred to a new building equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technology, enabling expansion to become an international academic center of excellence.  Physical prerequisites play a role; the layout of the new premises differs radically from the old.  Thijs and his team supported the leadership of the faculty to develop and implement a new operational design.  A new working model for ACTA was developed based on the analyses of a complete program for the activities necessary to relocate care operations, patient registration, logistics of materials and sterilization as well as customer service functions.  The new operating model has been successfully implemented, but the changes within the faculty and its members are more far-reaching.  The relocation enabled a redesign of the internal organization and functions, enabling the facility to become an internationally acclaimed center.